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"The scuba diver dives to look around.

The freediver dives to look inside."

-Umberto Pelizzari

If you seek an activity that will challenge you, unlock new adventures and introduce you to a global community of other enthusiastic individuals, then freediving is for you.

Find out why this is one of the fastest growing, most exciting sports in the world.


intro to freediving

Experience holding your breath on dry land and in the pool with the techniques taught in this course.

Learn basic theory and get your fins wet in pool sessions with this introductory course.


Confidently join other freedive groups on your travels with this globally recognized certification.


Niki C.

Mike is an incredibly knowledgeable, patient and skilled instructor. He helped me to develop and deepen my physiological understanding of the sport, which allowed me to explore my edge in and out of water.


Michael was very informative during my training and helped debunk common misconceptions that are essential to practicing this sport safely. Highly recommended.

chris i.

Michael is an excellent teacher with a natural intuition for his students' mental and physical state during training. This is critical when learning freediving. Teachers of his caliber are rare, I strongly recommend him.

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